House Bill 1552, passed by the Missouri Legislature and signed into law by Governor Parson effective 8/28/22, revises the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program’s (MOCAP’s) funding and enrollment process. Further guidance has been received from DESE on how to proceed with enrolling students who wish to be full-time virtual students. The legislation currently reads, "students who are enrolled full time in MOCAP programs that are hosted by public districts, charters, or higher ed institutions will be “disenrolled” from their resident district and enrolled in the host district.``

East Newton MOCAP(Virtual) Contact:

Morgan McLees
[email protected]

MOCAP(Virtual) Enrollment Process:

At this time, your next step for full-time enrollment for your student is that each parent/guardian will need to contact the virtual school of your choice that you prefer for your student's virtual education. Please visit the following website that states all MOCAP-approved virtual vendors:

The virtual school of your choice will act as the host district for your student's full-time virtual enrollment. The host district of your choice will enroll your child, and as a part of that process, have you sign a release for your student's educational records, which they will then send to East Newton School District (or the last district your student attended).

Host school districts of virtual education are listed on Missouri's Department of Elementary and Secondary Website at