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Announcements as of March 16, 2021

Scholarships are available right outside the counseling office – “check it out, Seniors!”  Also, there are more scholarship opportunities listed on the school website if you click on Departments, then Counselors & Guidance, then High School, and finally Scholarships.  All College-Bound Seniors should pick up an East Newton Local Scholarship Application Form to complete and turn in to the Counseling Office by March 17 to be eligible for several local scholarships.  “Don’t miss out” on getting money to help pay for tuition, room & board, or textbook!

Seniors:  If you are planning on enrolling in Crowder this summer or fall, you need to sign up in the counselor’s office to go over on a bus for a Priority Enrollment Clinic on Monday, April 5th so you can have the best chance at securing the classes/times you want.  The bus will leave at 8:05 and return at approximately 10:55. You will need a permission form signed & a homework sheet filled out by your teacher for 1-3 hours which can be picked up in the office. Also, there will be an A+ Representative from Crowder in our Library on Wednesday, March 24th to answer any of your questions and make sure you are “good to go” with your application & paperwork.

Juniors:  All of you will be taking the ASVAB on Wednesday, April 7th since we had to reschedule this from our February snow days.  “Check it out” - This is now a cool online career exploration program, as well as a great vocational aptitude battery of tests, not just a military entrance test so - “don’t miss out” - we will be doing a morning session from 8:00-11:00 and an afternoon session from 12:30-3:30 for our C-TEC students and others.  If you are a Senior and want to take it again or missed out on taking it last year, please sign up on the counselor’s door in the hallway by April 5th to be added to the test list, which will be posted on Tuesday, April 6th.

Sophomores:  If you were interested in C-TEC, you should have gone on our C-TEC tour, done your application online, and are set to interview for a two-year program on Friday, March 19th with Administrators of Crowder Technology Center.  If not, you might “miss out” on a great opportunity that could help you start planning your future!  So, sign up with your English 10 teacher March 16th -18th to get on the list if you’re still interested.

“Check it out” - There is a bulletin board with announcements about other opportunities for leadership & academic activities, College Entrance testing dates for the ACT & SAT, college searches for all students, FAFSA information for Seniors, scholarships for underclassmen, and other important information for students from the Guidance and Counseling Department.  It is located across from the Counselor’s Office beside the Women’s Restroom door in the North Hallway. “Don’t miss out” on events available to help reach your goals and impact your future!!