School, Parent & Family Engagement Policy


East Newton R-VI Schools encourage all parents/guardians to be an active participant in school activities.  Parents/guardians are invited to serve on committees that have a direct effect on the school climate and allow them to have a voice in educational decisions that affect their children. Teachers are encouraged to make documented parent contact throughout the year in addition to the required/scheduled parent conferences held twice per year.  Students receive progress/grade reports every three weeks.  Those students eligible to receive Title services are given additional written documentation beyond regular grade level reports regarding their individual progress.  Title 1 eligible students and their parents will be formally invited to afternoon/evening meeting activities twice per year (each semester) at which time information regarding the educational programs that their children are using as well as Title services and parents’ rights will be explained. 

Both Jr. High/Elementary campuses will support PPP (Practical Parenting Partnerships) with Title I funds by supplying a PPP Coordinator at each campus.  Throughout the school year, each grade level will organize an evening of positive activities to which parents will be invited to visit the school.  Teachers will be encouraged to plan such an activity that allows the parent to have an active role in the process and encourage parents to work with their children.  All grade level teachers will be available for parent questions and communication. 

As an additional measure to involve parents in the education of their children, the Parent Involvement Policy along with the appropriate Schoolwide Plan will be presented at each campus as part of the fall teacher – parent organization meetings.  At that time, parents will be given an opportunity to be a participant of the School/Parent Planning Committee in order to be directly involved in the education of their child.

The East Newton School District has partnered with a parent organization, East Newton United, by inviting parents and members of the community to join together in working with the school to provide for student needs. East Newton United is a framework of support and communication that allows communities and school to identify student needs and match those needs with established existing resources in the community, such as local community social and welfare service agencies, shelters and churches.

The A+ Schools Program offers parents the opportunity to review the program annually through the established A+ Parent Committee.  Input and suggestions from parents, patrons and community business leaders is a valuable part of the program.