K-2 grade 6-9 grade
solve additive inverses
place value associative property of addition/multiplication
data commutative property
sum complex fraction
equals computation algorithm
minus computation strategy
greater than/more dot plot
less than/less first quartile
compare interquartile range
addend line plot
difference mean
estimate median
number line multiplicative inverses
order number line diagram
digit probability
pattern/counting sequence rational number
money rectilinear figure
add repeating decimal
subtract sample space
measure terminating decimal
third quartile
visual fraction model
3-5 grade 9-12 grade
addition & subtraction additive inverses
associative property of addition associative property of addition
associative property of multiplication associative property of multiplication
commutative property commutative property
computation algorithm complex fraction
computation strategy computation algorithm
congruent computation strategy
expanded form congruent
fraction dilation
identity property identity property of 0
line plot independently combined probability models
mean integer
median mean
multiplication/division median
number lines multiplicative inverses
probability number line diagram
scatter plot percent rate of change
visual fraction model properties of operations
whole numbers properties of equality
counting on properties of inequality
probability model
random variable
rational expression
rational number
rigid motion
repeating decimal
sample space
scatter plot
similarity transformation
terminating decimal
third quartile
transitivity principle for indirect measurement
uniform probability model
whole numbers