2017 - 18 Gateway Nominee Quizzes
This is a Symbaloo page of links for the current Gateway Nominee books

2019 Gateway Vote
Students that qualify to vote must have read three of the 2018-2019 Gateway Nominee books.

2019 Gateway Nominee Quizzes

Gateway Reading Challenge
READ 12 Current Year GATEWAY NOMINEE BOOKS (GOAL = 3 BOOKS PER QUARTER) Students must pass a teacher made electronic quiz over each nominee book to... (cont'd)

HS Library Lab Schedule
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HS Laptop Cart Schedule
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HS Business Lab Schedule
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Movie Maker Post Test
This test is to be taken after completing your movie.

Pretest for Movie Maker
Students are encouraged to take this quiz before starting to use Movie Maker for a project.

Windows Movie Maker Live Tutorial Video
Watch this video before beginning your project.