School, Parent & Family Engagement Policy

The East Newton R-VI School District provides the following services to encourage parental involvement as part of our Title I Program. The plan is reviewed and updated annually by faculty, parents, and patrons of the district at the annual Title I meeting in the fall and spring. Parents are an integral part of these meetings and provide insight, ideas and support for the District.

Plan Components:

Communication: Communication is essential to student success. The following communication tools are used regularly by the administration, teachers and parents to ensure student achievement.

  • Assessment results will be communicated to parents through home reports of standardized tests, quarterly report cards, parent/teacher conferences and group meetings where test results are explained.

  • Parent/teacher conferences will be held in October and March of the school year. Teachers will attempt to accommodate all parents who cannot attend via phone conference or electronic communication.

  • Non-English speaking parents will be provided with resources in their home language. ELL teachers and/or translators will be provided for assistance as available and needed.

  • The Title I faculty communicates through special invitations, letters, phone calls or emails with parents about the Title program specifically throughout the year.

Parental Roles:

  • Parents read and sign a School-Parent-Student Compact each year that outlines student, parent and school responsibilities in the Title program.

  • Parents are encouraged to read to and with their children each night in grades K-8.

  • Students are asked to discuss reading goals and classroom activities with parents on a regular basis in grades K-8.

  • Parents can call and request conferences, leave messages, or email teachers to ensure that parents know what is happening in a student’s classroom.

  • Parents complete a program evaluation survey each year that provides data on the perceptions of parents about Title I services in the school.

  • Parents attend special events with their students such as Practical Parenting Partnerships (PPP) activities throughout the year. During PPP activities, parents are encouraged to participate with their child on a project based on a specific theme such as a book report, craft project, games or WebQuest.

Student Roles: Students are expected to take an active role in their education and serve as advocates for themselves.

  • Students should read each evening to or with parents for 30 minutes.

  • Students should be actively engaged during instruction time and ask for help when he/she needs assistance.

  • Students should communicate with parents and teachers regularly so that both know what the child needs.

  • Students are expected to complete assignments and assessments in a timely manner for effective feedback from teachers.