Approved September 2009

Long Term:

  1. For the next 5 years, the board will allocate at least 40% of Classroom Trust money to facility upgrade as designated by the long-term plan (roofs, lighting, gym floor, track, window, AC….) each year
  1. The district will attract and retain highly qualified and effective instructional specialists by decreasing the teacher turnover rate by 1% per year (2008-09 will establish the base-line year at 7.19%). Teacher turn-over is defined as those who leave the district voluntarily to assume a position in another school district or retire.
  1. Within 5 years the district will work to establish a Pre-school program based on a graduated pay-scale for parents using the free-reduced status for parents for qualification
  1. The board will continue to work toward DESE's desirable standards for classroom size which include
  2. K-2 20 students per classroom
  3. 3-4 22 students per classroom
  4. 5-6 25 students per classroom
  5. 7-12 28 students per classroom
  1. The district is committed to continued improvement from year to year in the achievement of students in all curricular areas and will provide rigorous, dynamic, and relevant curriculum aligned to state levels of expectation.

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  1. The board will investigate the possibility of establishing a JRROTC program for East Newton to increase student achievement, graduation rates, student involvement in co-curricular programs, and decrease discipline incidents
  1. The board will document progress and re-evaluate long- and short-term goals every six months monitoring for improvement
  1. Beginning with 2009-10, program evaluations will be tied to either long- or short-term district board goals and if feasible tie to professional development goals. This will be reported on all program evaluations
  1. Beginning with 2009-10 a base-line will be established for continuous improvement in the following areas and reported to the board of education in June of each year using continuums of continuous improvement.
  2. Information and Analysis
  3. Student achievement
  4. Quality planning
  5. Professional development
  6. Leadership
  7. Partnership development
  8. Continuous improvement and evaluation at the building level
  9. Board leadership (according to self-evaluation)
  1. The board will direct the superintendent to focus on increasing the time building principals spend on teaching teachers and monitoring teachers for improvement in instructional practices that promote student achievement