How Do I...

Answers to how to do those tasks you don't perform often.

Map a drive to the Staff folder?


Right Click "Window" start button>File Explorer>Right click "Network">Select "Map Network Drive" and Continue from * at right...

From the START button, right-click on Computer. Select "Map Network Drive".
*Pick a drive from the first drop-down arrow (usually X, Y or V). Click Browse and select in the following order: Patriots, Jefferson, Staff Users, Find "Staff". Click OK and Finish. The window that pops up should be the Staff folder.

Add a printer?

Just a reminder that any time you use a different computer than you normally use, you will have to add a printer.

FOR WINDOWS 10 USERS - SELECT THE "SETTINGS" BUTTON ON THE START MENU AND CHOOSE "Devices " SCROLL TO BOTTOM OF PAGE to "Devices and Printers" then "Add a Printer" then follow the directions at right from that point.

Select "START" from your desktop task bar> Devices and Printers>Add a Printer>Add a Network ...Printer and wait for the window to populate. Most likely your printer will NOT be listed, so click "The printer I wanted wasn't listed" and Next. Click the "Browse" button and Next; Wait for a list of Patriot printers to pop up. Press "J" and double-click Jefferson then search for the printer you wish to install. If you wish to use this printer as your default printer, click "yes" and then "Finish".

Add an Icon to my desktop?

Mozilla - When the webpage is open that you want to use, click on whatever Icon shows next to the URL and DRAG it to your desk-top.

Internet Explorer - Right-click on any webpage, document or file that you would like to add as an ICON to your desktop. A menu should pop-up. Choose EITHER "create short-cut" or "Send to..>" then choose "desktop".

Get a website unblocked?

Email either Adam Comer, Network Administrator or Marty Rinehart, Technology Director and request that it be unblocked and for what purpose you will be using the website.

Create a Group in my CONTACTS in Oulook?

Select "Contacts" at the bottom of your screen. Next, at the top, left-hand side, choose "New Items" then "More Items" and select "Contact Group". Name your list and select "Add Members" to add contacts from either your Outlook Contacts OR Address book. Make sure you "Save and Close" when finished creating the list.

There is a "scanner" feature on the large copier in the Teacher Workroom.

You will need to ask the librarian or the secretary for assistance the first time. You WILL have to type in your email address on the printer.

Make the District Website my homepage?

Type the District URL (web address) into your web browser. When you have opened the District Home-page, click the "Tools" link at the top of your page. Look for "Internet Options" and click. In the pop-up window, you will see "Home page". Choose "select current page" , Apply and close. You can add additional tabs by adding links to the window where is located and click "apply".